Summer Reading Suggestions to Help You Think and Go Deeper in Life

It’s said that a fool and his money are soon parted. I might add the same goes for yours truly at a book sale.

The other day I found myself at a book sale, and before I knew it, I’d walked out of there with an armload of interesting volumes. One was “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” the best-selling novel of the 19th century, credited with laying the foundation for the American Civil War.

Recently on BreakPoint, I told you how Harriet Beecher Stowe met a man named Josiah Henson, who had escaped slavery. The result was “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” maybe the most overtly Christian book of its kind I’ve ever read. I can’t think of any other fiction that comes close. The impact of this one little volume on the culture was amazing, and so is its enduring message of basic human dignity.

I also walked out with a copy of “The Island of Doctor Moreau,” by H.G Wells. This classic work of early science fiction powerfully illustrates that we can’t escape the bounds laid down by the Creator, and we wreak misery when we try (just think about today’s transgender movement).

Folks, these are great books. And they reminded me of a quote by Moody Bible Institute’s Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, who said, “the difference between a good book and a bad book is that a good book takes you deeper into life and a bad book distracts you from life.”

So to help you get deeper into life this summer, I asked my colleagues at the Colson Center to suggest a few good books for you.

Warren Smith, our Vice-President of Mission Advancement, recommends “All the King’s Men,” by another Warren—Robert Penn Warren. He calls it “the greatest political novel ever written.” Warren adds that it “takes seriously the doctrine of original sin, and it offers deep insights into populist politics, a form of politics that rears its head in American political life every generation or so.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Eric Metaxas and Stan Guthrie