Seth Rogen’s Film Criticized for Putting Child Actor in Blackface

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

A child actor’s stand-in on the upcoming Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-produced movie Good Boys has been pictured in what appears to be blackface, per TMZ. The actor was standing in for Keith L. Williams, 11, while he was on a break. Besides makeup intended to darken his skin tone, the stand-in was also wearing an afro wig and a fat suit.

In response, the movie’s production company insists the darkening of a stand-in actor’s skin tone “for lighting purposes” is “not uncommon.” More importantly, they assert this is not blackface.

The child actor in question is African-American himself, though he is lighter skinned than Williams. In addition, the kid’s father is a stunt performer and is working on the set. He is reportedly “offended by the claims being made regarding his son.”

TMZ tapped some industry insiders who suggested that in their experience, casting directors will try to cast stand-ins who match their corresponding actors’ skin tones so that makeup is not needed.

At least one person on set was made uncomfortable after seeing the child in blackface, and a complaint was filed. The producers are now in the process of looking into said complaint.

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