Lee Strobel Talks About the Need for Evangelism and How He Still Prays for His Atheist Brother After 17 Years

Looking back at those who have undergone major transformations as they became followers of Jesus Christ, Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, stressed the need for evangelism. He also revealed that he continues praying for his atheist brother to this day.

Strobel, once an atheist journalist intent on disproving God who later found Christ, talked in-depth about the importance of evangelism with Roger Marsh of the Family Talk program, which is produced by the James Dobson Family Institute.

Strobel, who became a pastor and has been writing books looking to point others to the faith, began his two-part discussion on Monday by explaining that the “overriding passion” of his life is “to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people who don’t know Him.”

“I’m an evangelist at the depth of my heart, and I see evangelism not as just something that people gifted in evangelism do, but something we’re all called upon to do. We’re all called upon to share our faith,” he stressed.

“What I’ve found is if four things are true of you, if you are motivated to share your faith because of the love of Jesus Christ in you, if you are available to share your faith, if you make time in your day to interact with nonbelievers, if you are prepared to share your faith in a simple and natural way, and if you are prayerful about opportunities, then God will lead people your way, who you can, in a very simple way, talk about Jesus Christ to.”

Strobel then shared instances throughout his life, stretching back to when he first became a Christian at the Chicago Tribune, when he surprised people with his faith and told them about Christ.

He said that one scenario in his mind that helps him reach out to others is imagining, “What if Jesus lived in my house? How would He reach out to my neighbors?”

“He would certainly see them in a different light, wouldn’t He? He would see them through Heaven’s eyes. There would be a love. That’s Jesus, the friend of sinners, right? Jesus would have a love for these lost people in the neighborhood that would far outstrip my own,” the author envisioned.

He recalled one instance during a baptism service at Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois, where he previously served as teaching pastor, when a woman came to be baptized.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov