109 Members of Congress Sign Petition Urging Supreme Court to Save 40-Foot Cross Near War Memorial in Maryland

The 40-foot-tall Bladensburg peace cross was built in 1925 in memory of the 49 Prince George’s County, Md., men who died in World War I. (Photo by Amanda Voisard for the Washington Post)

109 members of Congress have signed a petition urging the United States Supreme Court to hear an appeal meant to save a 40-foot tall cross placed on a war memorial in Maryland from being removed due to an atheist group’s lawsuit.

In late June, the First Liberty Institute and others filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on behalf of the American Legion and others to prevent the removal of a monument commonly called the Bladensburg Cross.

In an amicus brief filed last Friday, members of Congress led by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana asked the Supreme Court to consider the appeal and stop the removal of the cross.

The brief argued that if the lower court ruling by a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals panel against the cross is allowed to stand, it could endanger numerous other religious memorials on public property.

“Action by this Court is especially critical because the decision below calls into question the constitutionality of countless federal monuments, historic places, and national traditions that use a cross or other ‘inherently religious’ symbols or language to commemorate our nation’s history and to reflect values shared by the American people,” read the official summary for the brief.

In a statement released last Friday, Sen. Cruz denounced the Fourth Circuit panel decision as being based on “a perverse interpretation of the Establishment Clause.”

“Our men and women in uniform will be better served by building more memorials to their bravery, not tearing them down,” stated Cruz.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski