Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, Says More People Should Speak Out Against ‘Honor Killings’ of Muslims-Turned-Christians in U.S. or They Will Continue to Happen

Aasiya Hasson and her husband, Muzzammil Hassan

An outspoken critic of radical Islam says no one should be surprised about “honor killings” in Texas but, he says, more people should be speaking out.

Prosecutors alleged that Jordanian immigrant Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan was enraged after his daughter converted to Christianity, so he orchestrated the killings of his Christian son-in-law and his daughter’s Iranian friend who had encouraged the marriage.

It took jurors just 35 minutes to convict Irsan after a five-week trial in which prosecutors called his act “honor killings,” referring to the Islamic practice in which males seek revenge on a female family member for “dishonoring” the family.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, says the problem is an unwillingness to assimilate.

“When they come to the United States, they do not try to make any effort to become American mores,” he warns. “Instead, they continue to hold to the world view that they have in their own country.”

Texas is not the only example in North America, says Spencer, whose watchdog organization tracks and reports on similar acts in the West. He recalls the 2009 gruesome murder of Aasiya Hasson by her husband, Muzzammil Hassan (both pictured above), a supposed moderate Muslim who owned a Muslim television station in Buffalo, New York.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Chad Groening