Wisconsin Church Buys Closed Strip Club ‘to Do Something Good With It’

A church in Marshfield, Wisconsin recently purchased an old strip club.

For more than three decades, the “Rear End” strip club operated in the south side of Marshfield before closing down.

When the owner of the strip club, J.D. Koran, put the property up for sale, he didn’t have to wait long to find a buyer, North Ridge Church, ABC12 reported.

North Ridge Church Pastor Preston Tippen commented on the purchase, saying, “About six months ago the idea was floated our way about purchasing the Rear End and doing something good with it. It wasn’t on the church’s radar at all, but the idea was just crazy enough to where we needed to look into it.”

Tippen acknowledged that there are people out there who will hear about the purchase and be surprised by it. But the church intends to do something good with the newly bought property. Tippen is eager to tackle the challenge of creating something good “on probably the last place someone would expect it to see happen.”

People from the church have dropped by to clean up the property.

Specific plans for the property are still to be determined, but the general idea is to do some restoration that will help make it be of service to other people in the community.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John Paul Sunico