How to Turn Tragedy Into Victory

Life is made up of moments. Some fill the space of seconds, while others span years; even decades. These moments—these encounters with miracles, brushes with tragedy, or pains of heartbreak eventually weave themselves together to form a lens, which we see life through. Often, they serve as taskmasters, fighting to beat us down and strip away our hope, our dreams, and a healthy way of viewing life.

But if we take all of these flashes of pain and submit each one to God, then they must bow. They must yield. Traumas submit themselves to the omnipotence of God, who blows away the dry, crusted remains of tears and miraculously turns them into strength and joy.

The very fabric of our being and the way we interact not only with others, but with our own thoughts, viewpoints, and expectations, is altered when we surrender the collection of these moments before the sovereignty of God. Our perspective leaps into His frame of reference and suddenly the past looks different. He was always with us. Always present—in our deepest pain and our most freeing laughter.

We deny tragedies the right to hold more power over us than God does.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Gretchen Rodriguez