7 Keys to Being a Good Leader as a Pastor

Leadership is a topic we hear discussed often, but it easily gets complicated. People earn PhDs on the very topic. It has gotten a bit muddy, though. So much talk about it has resulted in the word meaning less and less. Let’s get back to it causing some meaning.

What are some basic keys for pastors, in particular, to lead well?

  1. Engage the congregation in theological reflection.

We often speak of concrete action steps for sermon application, but rarely discuss reflection of theology. Let’s remember that theology is deep, and reflection is needed. Engage the congregation in this time of reflection. Encourage it.

  1. Continue in personal development.

Go to a conference or two. Read some strategic books to help you. If you want to lead well, you will experience development on a consistent basis.

  1. Think bigly.

I wanted to use the word “bigly” almost as much as the word “huuuuuuuge.” In all seriousness, be a big thinker. If you want to lead to a higher level, you must think at a higher level.

  1. Lead from the front.

Here’s a little example of this: I want our church to show that guests are to be treated like VIPs. If that’s the case, we need to reserve parking spaces just for them. Furthermore, leave other spaces that are closer to the front for people who actually need them.

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SOURCE: Church Leaders, Jeremy Roberts