3 Teens Charged as Adults in Deadly Shooting Outside Tacoma Church

A Tacoma church congregation is grateful that deadly gunfire outside their building in a gang-related shooting earlier this week, didn’t hit anyone inside.

Three teenagers have now been charged as adults in the deadly shooting on Tuesday night. Three other adults, two men and a woman, have also been arrested for investigation of murder.

Members of the Eastside Assembly of Believers, off Portland Ave. E., near E. 44th Street, were in the middle off bible study when shots rang out.

“While I was up teaching we heard gunshots. I said to the membership, ‘hit the ground! Everybody hit the ground,'” said Pastor Alex Davis.

Outside the church, they found a young man laying on the sidewalk dying.

Davis said he and other church members tried to help with CPR.

“During that time saying a prayer for him. And there was a peace, honestly, that came over me just like I heard him, not vocally, but just in my spirit saying ‘thank you’ and then it was just a peace,” said Davis.

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SOURCE: Keith Eldridge