A 6-Year-Old Girl Separated From Her Family Was Sexually Abused Twice at Migrant Detention Facility

A 6-year-old girl taken from her mother under the Trump administration’s family separation policy was sexually abused twice while at an Arizona detention facility, according to The Nation. The girl was allegedly abused by an older child at the facility, and signed a form with her initials confirming it was her responsibility to “maintain her distance from her alleged abuser.” After the form was signed and the girl underwent “good touch bad touch” education, she was reportedly fondled again by the same person. The abuser also reportedly fondled other girls at the facility. Southwest Key informed her father, also an undocumented immigrant, about the abuse at each instance. When he asked how they could let this happen twice, they told him that they couldn’t say anything more. The family was soon reunited, but the girl not recognize her mother at first and kept away from being touched. “She is still behaving following the rules of the detention center,” said the mother. “She doesn’t let them touch her, she doesn’t touch them.”


SOURCE: The Daily Beast