Why Feelings Don’t Always Mean You Should be in a Relationship


I am a born again Christian and have fallen in love with another believer. I really do have strong feelings for him, but I can’t decipher if this is God or my mind. I feel I am caught up all in my own plans. I want to follow God’s purpose, but each time the guy doesn’t reply to my chats or replies in a cold manner. I get really angry and frustrated.  Am I meant to feel like that? Why would I feel so strongly if he’s not interested?


Welcome to being in a relationship!

Since the beginning of time, we have all struggled with being in one.  No matter our age, marital status, financial situation or life experience, none of us are immune to the work and commitment it takes to maintain one.

When you read through the Bible from a relational stand point, you can’t help but smile at how things aren’t so different from our own situation.

Did Adam really want to take the bite of the apple or just afraid of Eve’s response if he didn’t?  (Gen 3:6)