Hindu Radicals Destroy Only Church in Indian Village in Attempt to Force Christians to Leave

Hindu radicals in the village of Sangameshwar, located 80 miles north of Hyderabad in India, destroyed the only church building in the area earlier this month, which Christians say is a message telling to leave.

Pastor Srinivas Sapa told persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern on Thursday: “All that the Hindu radicals want is for Sangameshwar to be a ‘Christian-free’ village.”

“Of all the 50 odd Christians who are native to Sangameshwar, most were born in the village and are now panicked over the situation,” he added.

The group of radicals destroyed the church on July 14, reducing the building of bricks, cement, and iron sheets to rubble.

“The Hindu radicals were opposed when we decided to buy land for the church building about five years ago,” Sapa added. “None of [the] villagers were willing to sell their land for the church, as they were instructed, even threatened, by Hindu radicals not to sell.”

“When one of the church members donated land for the church, the Hindu radicals installed an idol on the same premises,” the pastor continued, sharing of the plight of the Christians.

“When the court found in favor of the church member, the radicals didn’t have any other option except to use their might, taking the law into their own hands and demolishing the church.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov