WATCH: Roseanne Doesn’t Appear Too Apologetic in Interview With Hannity: Says Getting Fired Cost her ‘Everything’

Roseanne Barr
Credit: Fox

Just weeks after declaring that she would not be doing any TV interviews and would instead rely on her own YouTube series to get her voice out, Roseanne Barr found her way back onto cable television by sitting down for an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“I was hacked,” Barr, 65, joked of her controversial tweet about Valerie Jarrett, whom the actress likened to an “ape.”

“I’ve apologized a lot. It’s been two months. I’ve apologized and explained and asked for forgiveness,” she said. “I was so sad that people thought [the tweet] was racist. And I went into the whole discussion of racism and that blew my mind because it was so much what the show I was doing was about. Why couldn’t they see my work?”

Barr also said the backlash to her racist tweet affected her because of certain members in her family. “The thing that broke my heart the most is that I have African-American children in my family and in my loving circle,” the embattled TV star explained.

“I’m so sad that anyone thinks that of me, but I’m not that person. I was going through a very hard time,” Barr said. “How would you like it to be sitting in a room of 25 people that think [Donald] Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to the United States. Could you do your job?”

She added, “I didn’t [know better]. I made a mistake. It cost me everything, my life’s work. I wish I worded it better.”

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