Up From the Ashes: How a Devastating House Fire Gave Rise to New Music & New Life for Showers Family Singers

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Hammond is a postcard, picture-perfect Louisiana town with a population of about 20,000 people. And members of the gospel music’s The Showers Family Group are among the area’s most famous.

The group is made up of seven of Bobby and Oralean Showers ten children. But ten children is more than Oralean expected when she married Bobby.

Oralean told CBN News, “My dream was to have two girls and two boys. And I was blessed with two girls and two boys.”

Laughing, Oralean quickly added, “But because of being married to a preacher, who was saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, he just believed in being fruitful and multiplying.”

Preachers, Singers and Business Entrepreneurs

Bobby serves as a pastor of two churches in the area. The entire family sat down with CBN News following one of their Sunday services. In that conversation, we quickly learned the Showers family is made up of more than singers and preachers.

Away from the spotlight, the ten siblings run their own businesses all across their hometown and work for each other. At the heart of the family is the oldest child, Regina. She manages two business, the family singing group, and the family’s record label A&P Records.

“I am very much aware of the strides that have been made and I just thank God for it because I didn’t know what I was doing,” Regina shared.

“I just swam and God gave me my life jacket and I survived.”

Family Home Burns to the Ground

The entire Showers family survived a major loss a little more than a year ago. Their family home burned to the ground on March 2, 2017.

Pastor Bobby Showers vividly remembers that day and recounted the moments to CBN News.

“I was out cutting the grass and recognized that I didn’t have my earplugs and I came to the back patio to get them and I noticed the patio was on fire,” Bobby said.

“I immediately said I am going to go around and get the hose and put this out, but by the time I got around the house, the fire had spread. And I immediately hollered for my son and my wife to get out.”

Out of the Ashes

Everyone escaped, but flames destroyed the home and everything inside, except for Bobby’s 30 years of sermon notes and manuscripts. And he used those notes to preach the first Sunday that followed the fire.

“I could go forward because I saw God in all of it. If I had not seen Him in it, I could not have gone through it. ”

Titus Showers, who leads the family group, is the son who was at home with his mother and father when the fire broke out.

Recalling the day, Titus said, “It was a test of our faith because that was my mom’s dream home. And she always said that the Lord was going to bless her with a home.”

God Makes a Way Out of No Way

“To see it go up in flames, it was truly a tragic experience. But God is still making a way out of no way. And He is going to do something bigger and better, just like He did for Job.”

Somehow the fire gave birth to new music and new life for The Showers Family Group.

Regina told CBN News, “I was contemplating folding A&P Records because a lot was going on that week.”

“But the Lord spoke through fire and said, ‘You’re are not going to do anything. When I tell you to give up, that’s when you give up’.”

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SOURCE: CBN News – Efrem Smith