Christian Blogger Lori Alexander Takes Heat for Saying, ‘Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos,’ College-Educated Women ‘Learn the Ways of the World’

Lori Alexander
Lori Alexander

A Christian blogger has attracted criticism after writing a post arguing women should remain debt-free virgins to attract a partner.

Lori Alexander used her blog The Transformed Wife to argue women should avoid college as it would saddle them with debts and worldly opinions.

“Young women learn nothing about biblical womanhood or what it takes to run a home when they go to college,” she wrote.

“They don’t learn to serve others either. They learn the ways of the world instead.”

Alexander ended the post with her advice for women to keep a long-term vision of life and trust in God.

“Stay virgins until marriage, out of debt, and don’t get tattoos,” she said.

Social media users have put Alexander on blast for her comments.

“How about the subtle anti-intellectual message; ‘the high cost of college’. That’s the truly nefarious part,” one Twitter user wrote.

“She lost me at ‘men prefer’,” another user joked.

SOURCE: Newshub

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