The National Black Church Initiative, 34,000 Churches, Calls Michael Drejka a Murderer and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Evil

The National Black Church Initiative, a faith-based coalition of 34,000 Churches with 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, calls Michael Drejka a cold blood murder of  Markeis McGlockton,  By any standards, this is very harsh language coming from a church organization, but the circumstances surrounding this senseless and brutal killing compels the church to exercise it moral judgment.

Mr. Drejka could have chosen a completely different alternative other than pulling out his gun and murdering one of God’s children.  One can clearly see on the videotape that Mr. McGlockton was walking away after he shoved Mr. Drejka to the ground. Mr. Drekja did not fear for his life.  The videotape also shows that Mr. Drejka hesitated before he pulled his gun—he could have easily chosen to get up and walk away.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative says “According to scripture those who normally take a life without any disregard of God law that thou shall not kill, that person runs the risk of going straight to hell if they do not repent for their sins.  The church has declared that Mr. Drejka is a cold blooded murderer in the eyes of God. We are not going to have this law overturned until African Americans use the principles that governs Stand Your Ground law starting shooting to death white people as they are use the law to kill black people. This is truly sad state of affairs”

This entire incidence could have been avoided if Mr. Drejka decided not to play robot cop and try preventing Mr. McGlockton girlfriend from parking in a handicap zone.  Sometimes it is good to mind your own business. White  people believe they are special and can do anything they choose to do—with deadly consequences.

Given all of this, Mr. Drejka decided that he was god and using the Florida Stand Your Ground Law that is evil in nature, he murdered a father of three. God  help us all!

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