Kentucky Pastor Reaches Milestone With 10,000 Baptisms

Kentucky pastor Steve Ayers has reached a milestone that has Christians across the state taking notice: 10,000 baptisms since he arrived at Hillvue Heights Church.

Since becoming pastor of the Bowling Green congregation in 1991, Ayers has seen the church grow from 30 people into a megachurch where 5,000 people regularly attend Sunday morning services.

“The evangelistic success of Hillvue is nothing short of miraculous,” Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood said. “We celebrate every soul saved and pray God gives a harvest of 10,000 more.”

Chitwood said Ayers has kept his church laser focused on reaching the lost.

Hillvue consistently leads the state in baptisms and is the only church that consistently tops 500 per year.

Ayers said he stresses to all new believers that they need to share the Gospel with their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, everyone.

“As soon as they come out of the water, they are prayed over and blessed, and then they are brought into the ministry,” Ayers said. “I’ll say, ‘What do you need to go do?’ and they say, ‘Go tell somebody.’ And they go do it.”

Ayers said he believes 10,000 is only the beginning of what the Lord will do at Hillvue.

“I think we have a Great Awakening at Hillvue yet to come,” he said. “This is the beginning. It’s crazy. I’m more excited now than when I first arrived here. It’s amazing to watch people come to Christ. It never gets old.”

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Source: Baptist Press