Texas Police Chief Responds to Atheists Bashing ‘God’s Not Dead’ Lip Sync Performance

Police Chief Dean Winters is speaking out after his department’s “God’s Not Dead” lip sync performance went viral, capturing attention across the nation — and the world. Winters told Pure Flix Insider in an email interview that he saw the effort as “a unique opportunity to create relationships and conversations” within his community.

Winters, an outspoken Christian, said that reaction to his department’s lip sync set to Newsboys’ hit song “God’s Not Dead” — the official anthem of Pure Flix’s “God’s Not Dead” movie franchise — has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“Of course there are always detractors,” he said. “But in this case, a little bit of darkness is making His light shine even brighter.”

Winters’ comments come after atheist activist group The Freedom From Religion Foundation began efforts to have the video taken down. The organization accused Winters of violating the U.S. Constitution and released a statement and letter asking for the clip’s removal.

“FFRF is asking the Crandall Police Department to refrain from promoting religion on social media and take down its video tribute to the personal religious beliefs of some of its officers,” the statement read.

When asked for his response to the FFRF’s request that the video be removed, Winters simply commented with a symbol: a colon and parenthesis that formed a smiley face. He did share, however, that, despite the debate, the Crandall community is rallying around the music video.

“Our community has come together and posted pictures and videos in support of the police department’s ‘God’s Not Dead’ video,” Winters said. “We’ve also received numerous emails and letters from citizens and officers from all over the nation and people from a handful of other countries, expressing their gratitude to the officers in our department.”

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Source: Christian Post