Scott Aniol: Beyond Contemporary vs. Traditional Worship

Imagine a church auditorium packed with people. Their eyes are fixed on the stage where skilled musicians play and a handsome man leads the congregation in singing. He is dressed in clothing considered relevant to the congregation, and he skillfully manipulates the passions of the people with a style of music he believes adds vitality, energy, and life to the worship experience.

The lighting is perfect, the performance is slick, the people are mesmerized. There is no “dead time”—transitions between service events are seamless. The flow of the service has been meticulously engineered to bring the greatest impact and move the congregation.

“Worship” for the people of this church is dependent upon the music, the atmosphere, the experience; without these, people don’t feel like they’re worshiping.

Contemporary worship at the new hip seeker church downtown?


This is First Traditional Worship Baptist Church in Suburbia, USA.

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Source: Christian Post