Brian Dodd: 97 Percent of Leaders Are Shockingly Making This Critical Mistake

Your level of preparation determines the level of value you place on those receiving your product, service, art or leadership.

On the July 16th edition of The Herd With Colin Cowherd, Colin recounted a conversation he had with Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez shockingly stated 60 percent of NFL players do the bare minimum. That’s right. With all the God-given talent they were given and all the financial incentives a pro football player has, over half give the bare minimum. They do just enough to get by.He also pointed out maybe 30 percent are committed. Finally, he said players like him, really committed and giving everything they have, are maybe 3 percent.

Colin also discussed the video above. Jerry Seinfield is a legendary performer and comedian. He tells the story of a two-year journey he took to write a single joke about Pop-Tarts! That, my friends, is commitment! Jerry would be in the top 3 percent of comedians who are really committed to their craft.

If you ask Tony Gonzalez, he would tell you 97 percent of leaders are making the critical mistake of not giving everything they have. Ninety-seven percent of leaders are not completely committed. I would agree with him because for over two decades I did the bare minimum to get by as well. In my book Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices Of Apex Leaders, I wrote a chapter titled “Apex Leaders Work Hard, Very Hard.” While discussing the work habits of the world’s greatest leaders, I also tell my personal story of wasted effort and opportunity.

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Source: Church Leaders