Alleged Racist White Man is Not Biological Father of Black, Social Media Famous McClure Twins

The McClure Twins are not Justin’s biological children!

The McClure Twins, Alexis and Ava, are adorable kids who blew up on social media. They have over a million followers their Instagram page and Youtube channel.

This is the most recent tea spilled about the McClure family and Ami Dunn McClure, mother of the identical twins Ava and Alexis McClure, spilled the tea herself in a recent video that the couple made trying to clean up the social media mess that “dad’s” tweets created.

In case you forgot, Justin tweeted: “Black people can’t say ‘ask’ but they have no trouble saying Cadillac Escalade.”

In another tweet, he said Black woman name their children names like “Chandelier, Lasagna, Constellation,” and “Walgreens.”

Ami told fans in the video, “I met Justin in 2014.” That was a red flag because the twins birthday is July 12, 2013. Meaning that Ami and Justin met after the girls were born. There’s no way Justin is their biological father.

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SOURCE: Jamai Harris
Rickey Smiley Morning Show