WATCH: Cute Two-Year-Old Plays Fetch over a Fence with his Neighbor’s Dog

He then drops the ball back over the fence so the adorable game can start all over again

This video proves that nothing can get between a boy and man’s best friend – not even a fence.

In this super sweet clip, Chad Nelson’s two-year-old son is seen playing fetch with the neighbor’s dog in Savage, Minnesota, despite the divide between them.

The little boy can be seen running up to the ball before chucking it over the fence.

In the adorable clip, filmed in Savage, Minnesota, Chad Nelson’s son Conway can be seen running up towards the ball
The two year old then throws it over the fence where the neighbor’s dog, Dozer, is waiting

The dog, which can barely been seen through the slats, then chases the ball and catches it with its mouth.

He jumps up and passes it back through a hole in the fence before the toddler picks it up and the game starts all over again.

Mr Nelson posted the clip on Wednesday with the caption: ‘A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend.’

The adorable footage has racked up more than nine-and-a-half million views and 800,000 likes in just two days.

The video was recorded by Erin Richter, who invited Mr Nelson’s son Conway over for a play date when he started the game with the neighbor’s dog Dozer.

Ms Richter told BuzzFeed: ‘My son and Dozer play every time they are both outside.

‘Dozer would play forever but my son usually stops when the ball gets full of slobber. Sometimes Dozer will bring a new ball over then to keep playing.’

Twitter users are loving the delightful video, with one individual saying: ‘This is the most sweetest thing in the world!’

Another added: ‘Cutest thing ever! Your son can throw better than most adults! lol.’

Dozer, who can barely be seen between the slats in the fence, quickly catches the ball in his mouth
He then drops the ball back over the fence so the adorable game can start all over again