Sadie Robertson Says She’s Been Battling Stress but Is Fixing Her Eyes on God

Former “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson says she’s been battling stress but is fixing her eyes on God.

“Y’all I’m going to be real … stress has been knocking at my door lately,” said Robertson who rose to fame on her family’s former A&E reality TV series, in an Instagram post to her 3.1 million followers on Tuesday.

“I have to intentionally remind myself to fix my eyes,” she added. “When walking out our purpose in life there is a process to go through to get to the promise that God has for us. In the natural that process can look really hard at times and even seem impossible, but in those moments you must FIX YOUR EYES, maintain your focus on hope, and walk in faith.”

She told her followers that all the God’s promises have a purpose and when they come it will be so “worth the process.”

The 21-year-old likened the process to sports training.

“Training is not always easy, but it’s necessary. Take note of the training times, because the very proof that you are walking out the purpose and into a promise of what God has for you is the TRAINING that you’re enduring. When you get tired… when you get stressed… when you feel weak…. when you feel alone… FIX YOUR EYES,” she said.

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Source: Christian Post