Here We Go: University of Massachusetts-Boston Is Teaching a Course Aiming to ‘Denaturalize’ Heterosexuality

The University of Massachusetts-Boston is teaching a course in political theory with the expressed aim of denaturalizing heterosexuality, among its other stated goals. The class fulfills a mandatory diversity requirement at the school.

The College Fix reported Wednesday that the advanced political science course, “Queer Political Theory,” according to an online descirption in the 2017-18 undergraduate catalog, says that its “primary aims are the de-naturalization of (hetero)sexuality and (hetero)normative gender categories, identities, and expression.”

The course is taught by Professor C. Heike Schotten, who has authored several related publications, among them Queer Terror: Life, Death, and Desire in the Settler Colony; To Exist is to Resist: Palestine and the Question of Queer Theory; Men, Masculinity, and Male Domination: Rethinking Feminist Analyses of Sex Work; Homonationalism: From Critique to Diagnosis, or, We Are All Homonational Now; and Nietzsche and Emancipatory Politics: Queer Theory as Anti-Morality.

“Queer Political Theory” is reportedly one of ten courses offered at the college that are with a focus on queer theory.

Author and scholar Nancy Pearcey, whom The Christian Post interviewed earlier this year about her book Love Thy Body, First, noted in a Wednesday email to The Christian Post that for a class to aim to “denaturalize” heterosexuality it means it claims no natural basis exists for heterosexuality.

“Yet it is a biological fact that humans are a sexually reproducing species. Clearly there is a biological basis for male-female sexuality. Why would anyone deny such an obvious fact of nature?” she continued.

“The logic is that once you accept that opposite-sex sexuality is natural, the implication is that same-sex sexuality is unnatural. Queer theory wants to avoid that conclusion, so it simply denies that any sexual norms or behaviors are natural. All are social constructions — essentially ideas that humans invent to make sense of their experience.”

Such a perspective constitutes a low, disrespectful view of the body, she maintained.

“Courses in queer theory are teaching young people that their identity is not defined by their body but only by their feelings and desires; that we may use our bodies in ways that contradict our biological structure. It teaches them to disdain nature and demean their own bodies,” Pearcey said.

The College Fix also reported Monday that at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo students are now able to minor in Queer Studies, which was launched in October. Those who minor will “learn how constructions, experiences and expressions of sexuality – including the invention of homo/heterosexuality and ab/normality, intimacy, kinship networks and embodiment – change over time and are lived in relation to interlocking systems of race, ethnicity, religion, class, nation, age, dis/ability and gender,” according to the school’s website.

The UMass-Boston class and the Cal Poly minor are but some of the latest course offerings centered on unusual forms and expressions of human sexuality within academia.

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Source: Christian Post