Mom of Bronx Teen Slashed to Death in Machete Attack Screams at His Alleged Killers in Court as They Plead Not Guilty

The devastated mother of Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz, the Bronx teen killed last month in a horrific machete attack, yelled in Spanish at her son’s accused killers as they pleaded not guilty to numerous charges including first-degree murder.

Leandra Feliz screamed ‘Asesino!’ – the Spanish word for murderer – during Wednesday’s hearing as suspects Jonaiki Martinez Estrella and Danel Fernandez were led out of the packed Bronx courtroom.

Moments before, Estrella and Fernandez had pleaded not guilty to charges related to Lesandro’s June 20 murder outside a Bronx bodega.

Police have said that Fernandez was the one who delivered the fatal blow to the 15-year-old aspiring police officer by dragging a blade across Lesandro’s neck as several other men, reported members of the Trinitarios gang, stabbed the teen with knives and a machete.

And at a press conference on Wednesday, police revealed what they believed to be the motive behind the murder.

Previously it was thought that Lesandro was killed in a case of mistaken identity and that he had been captured on camera having sex with a gang leader’s female relative.

But, according to the New York Post, Bronx DA Darcel Clark said that was not the case.

Police say the alleged killers are members of the Trinitarios subset ‘Los Sures’ and they believed Lesandro to be a member of rival gang ‘Sunset’.

‘They allegedly drove to the territory of the Sunset group, came upon Junior and chased him into a bodega in the Belmont section, where he tried to hide,’ Clark said.

‘There was a lot of social media, and it took a lot of time to sort out a number of those things, but as far as we know at this time, there was no relation to any sex tape to this particular case,’ she said.

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Source: Daily Mail