Here We Go: Planet Fitness Revokes Woman’s Membership for Complaining About Trans-Identified Man in Locker Room

A Planet Fitness gym in Florida has revoked a woman’s membership after she voiced discomfort with a man, who claimed to be a transgender woman, being in the locker room while she was changing clothes, according to a complaint.

The Liberty Counsel, a conservative religious freedom law group, sent a letter last week to Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau to demand that the national gym chain reinstate a Florida woman who was kicked out of a Planet Fitness in Leesburg, Florida, in May.

The woman, who’s only identified in the letter by the name “Mrs. H,” is a survivor of attempted rape and says that her membership was revoked shortly after she was harassed by a transgender person in the locker room.

The organization has a “judgement free” policy that, among other things, permits men who identify as women, and vice versa, to use the locker rooms and showers that correspond with their gender identity.

“On May 29, 2018, staff at the Leesburg location revoked Mrs. H.’s membership after she was intimidated and alarmed by Mr. Rice in the women’s locker room at this location, and complained about him,” the letter reads.

The letter states that Rice made no attempts to appear as a woman and is said to have been standing in the women’s locker room facing the mirror and “pretending” to apply makeup when Mrs. H entered the locker room.

“She was disturbed by his presence, politely confronted him and asked him to leave the women’s locker room,” the letter from the Florida-based legal group states. “Instead, he smirked back at her, and continued to stare at her, remaining standing in front of the mirror ‘applying makeup,’ where he had a full view of every single woman entering or exiting the shower area and every single locker, Mrs. H.’s locker, which was directly behind him within [3 feet].”

According to the letter, Mrs. H left the locker room when Rice refused to leave in order to give him time to finish using the facility. However, Rice allegedly remained in the locker room for at least another hour and continued to apply makeup.

“He was observed to have entered and exited the locker room, wearing the same clothes, and had not showered or changed,” the letter adds. “Despite a male employee observing that Mr. Rice’s behavior was ‘over the top,’ staff did not intervene and ask him to finish his business, but permitted him to monopolize the women’s locker room.”

An open records request revealed that Rice reportedly called the police on Mrs. H to say that he had been “sexually harassed.”

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Source: Christian Post