British Christian Magistrate Fired for Views on Homosexual Adoption Allowed to Appeal Tribunal Ruling

A British magistrate who was denied re-employment at two jobs over his belief that adopted children are better off with heterosexual couples instead of same-sex couples, has been granted the right to appeal an earlier employment tribunal ruling against him.

Richard Page appeared before the Employment Appeal Tribunal on Tuesday and was given permission to appeal an earlier ruling that the Kent and Medway National Health Service Trust was justified when it refused to reinstate Page as a non-executive director.

Page was suspended by the NHS after he suggested on national television in 2015 that children are best adopted by families that have both a mom and dad rather than same-sex couples.

He had worked for the NHS for over two decades before becoming a part-time director in 2012. After his suspension, he reapplied for his role as a part-time non-executive director but was denied. In August 2016, Page was told that an NHS panel ruled that “it was not in the interests of the health service for [him] to serve.”

In October 2017, a three-judge panel at the Croydon Employment Tribunal ruled against Page, saying he wasn’t turned away from employment because of his religious beliefs but because he voiced his religiously motivated beliefs on parenting on national television.

At the time, Page’s legal team at the Christian Legal Centre said the tribunal’s’ ruling “split hairs” in a way that “makes no sense” and made a “mockery of the freedom of thought.”

“I am very pleased to say that this case has been given permission to go to the employment appeal tribunal,” Christian Legal Centre CEO Andrea Williams said in a video following the tribunal’s decision on Tuesday. “That is very significant. It is significant for free speech in our country and the freedom to hold and manifest Christian views in regard to marriage and raising children with a mother and father.”

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Source: Christian Post