Ministry Says ‘Many Muslims Come to Christ’ in Midst of Struggles for Syrian Refugees

A Christian ministry assisting Syrian refugees in Lebanon who have lost everything has said that many Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ, which lifts them out of depression, even as they face great struggles.

Christian Aid Mission, which assists local ministries through donations, shared last week the experiences of one ministry and its director, who weren’t named, who said that “many Muslims” have been coming to Christ with the help of discipleship groups.

“Despite the misery the refugee communities go through, we still see joy in their eyes when we talk with them about the love of God, share the Good News and read the Bible together,” the director said.

“As they experience healing and freedom through Christ, they come to realize that they have value in the eyes of the Lord, that they are special, and that Jesus loves them endlessly.”

A mother of five children by the name of Jana said that she and her husband lost their entire community, their home, and some relatives during bombing in Aleppo in the ongoing Syrian civil war.

Like millions of other Syrians, they fled to Lebanon, where they have faced many hardships, such as a lack of sufficient jobs and shelter. The children have also faced discrimination in school due to Lebanese people becoming weary of the influx of refugees.

A prayer meeting at church gave Jana a new perspective on life, however.

“I used to suffer from depression, but the love and peace of Jesus in my heart and house healed me,” she said. “I wish I could stay at church day and night, because I feel peace when I am there. I want my family to get baptized soon.”

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Source: Christian Post