Virginia Couple Adopts Six Blind Children With Special Needs

Meet the Bartlings, a Virginia family of six blind kids and a loving couple who was happy to adopt all of them into their family.

“We’re just a normal, run-of-the mill family,” said dad Joe Bartling, 60, in an interview with SWNS.

He and his wife Karen live in Oakton with their six kids, Hannah, 23, David, 18, Bethany, 18, Jesse, 17, Abi, 17 and Obed, 12.

Joe explained the bunch is all expected to pitch in around the home.

“I have to cook the meals and do the laundry, but they all just get involved – they all make their beds and do their own chores,” he explained. “For me, it’s just, ‘Make sure everybody gets food and is on the right bus at the right time.’”

The exception is Jesse and Obed, who require round-the-clock care and need help bathing, grooming, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, changing their diapers, and getting dressed.

He explained their journey to a big family began 30 years ago, when after having a biological son, they struggled with conceiving despite failed attempts at IVF.

That’s when they heard about Hannah, who was just two years old when she was abandoned in an orphanage in South Korea. Hannah was born without eyes due to a developmental disorder.

“As soon as the first picture of Hannah came across we were like, ‘Oh my goodness.’” Karen said. “It took us about a week or so to wrap our brains around the fact she was blind and that would never change. It was one day at a time.”

Several years later, they adopted Jesse, who was abandoned by her birth mother in a South Korea orphanage because of her severe learning disability.

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SOURCE: CBS8, Johanna Li