Malia Obama Goes to Beyonce Concert in Paris With Boyfriend Rory Farquharson

Paris j’tamie: Malia Obama and her British boyfriend Rory Farquharson (above) were seen walking the streets of Paris on Sunday in photos obtained by

Malia Obama was living her best life in Paris over the weekend, with the former first daughter enjoying what many might consider the perfect day.

The former first daughter, 19, was first seen on Sunday afternoon strolling the streets with her boyfriend Rory Farquharson in photos obtained exclusively by

Malia opted to wear her typical uniform of a mini-dress with combat boots for her leisurely day in the city of lights, and then headed back to her hotel to change before she and bae went to see Bey.

Malia and Rory were joined by friends, her mother Michelle Obama and sister Sasha for the big concert, which took place at the Stade de Paris after the World Cup had ended on Sunday.

Amour: Malia was first seen with Rory back in November, with the pair together at a Harvard football game
En fuite II: The couple headed back to their hotel and changed before heading back out again to watch Beyonce in concert at the Stade de Paris (Malia talking to Les Twins above at the concert with Rory to the far left)

That final went France’s way, and after some celebration in the stadium, Beyonce and Jay Z came out to perform their seat while the Obama girls danced by the stage with friends including Tina Knowles.

Malia was seen in one photo chatting to two friends while Rory had his back turned to the group and looked up at the stage.

Mom Michelle meanwhile seemed to be having the best time of the three as she sang, dance and happily stared down every person who tried to snap secret video or photos of her at the show.

The patriarch of the clan could not make it sadly as he was opening a youth center in the village where his late father’s family lives in Kenya.

The intouchables: Malia’s mother and sister were also at the Beyonce concert on Sunday, as were Tina Knowles, Sophie Turner and all three Jonas Brothers

This will likely just be the beginning of Malia’s vacation, with the family heading to Martha’s Vineyard each August for two weeks.

Malia did not get to enjoy that trip last year however as she had to move into college during the break.

The family was joined by members of the Secret Service as they pulled up to Malia’s new residence in a two-SUV envoy last August, managing to avoid detection despite the thousands of people around the campus and in Cambridge.

That was due in large part to their timing, with the Obamas electing to get everything moved and Malia settled into her new digs during the solar eclipse.

Then it was time to say goodbye, which did not look easy for the parents of the 19-year-old freshman.

Barack and Michelle, who both went to Harvard Law School, had their sunglasses on long before they exited Malia’s dorm and kept their faces looking down as they rushed into their SUV, leaving their daughter behind to start her new life.

Malia’s father later confessed to shedding a lot of tears after saying goodbye to his oldest daughter.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Chris Spargo