Study Says Elevated Blood Pressure May Be Connected to Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study has uncovered a possible link between elevated blood pressure and a person having brain damage or even Alzheimer’s disease.

The study’s author, Dr. Zoe Arvanitakis of the Rush Alzheimer’s disease Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, said, “Blood pressure changes with aging and disease, so we wanted to see what kind of impact it may have on the brain,” EurekAlert reported.

In order to obtain the data needed for the study, the researchers followed 1,288 people and monitored their health until their eventual deaths.

Participants in the study, all 65 and older, were not suffering from dementia and had agreed to donate their brains for autopsy upon death at the start of the study. Among the 1,288 participants in the study were approximately 640 clergy members, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The average age at death of the participants was 89.

Blood pressure was documented on a yearly basis for the participants while they were still alive.

Upon conducting the autopsies, researchers observed that around half of the participants had dead tissue in their brain. The presence of dead tissue in the brain could be a sign that a person suffered from what is known as a “silent stroke.”

Participants who had high blood pressure were at even greater risk of having dead tissue in their brains.

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Source: Christian Post