Most American Women Are Choosing To Only Have 1 or 2 Children

More American parents are choosing to have only one or two children, not only in large cities but nationwide.

According to a recent article from The Cut, “Nearly two-thirds of women with children now have two or one — i.e., an oldest, a youngest, but no middle.”

The finding shows a significant change in the average size of an American family when compared to decades ago.

As also noted in the report, back in 1976, the Pew Research Center conducted a study which revealed that a couple with four children was “the most common family unit.” Furthermore, 25 percent of families back then had three children, while 24 percent had two and just 11 percent had one child.

As for why more and more couples are opting to limit their family size to only having one or two children, factors like finances and changing attitudes are being pointed to.

The Cut also notes that millennials have become more inclined to marry at a later age and they are also OK with taking their time before starting a family.

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Source: Christian Post