Kentucky Reverses Ban on Lexington Dentist’s ‘PRAY4’ License Plate

Lexington, Kentucky dentist Susan Burton will now no longer have to worry about losing her personalized license plate after the state reversed its initial decision.

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Burton received a letter from the state’s Transportation Cabinet which informed her that her personalized license plate, which said “PRAY4,” was rejected because it did not meet certain requirements, Newsweek reported.

The state added that Dr. Burton, a practicing Christian, needed to return her license plate to the Fayette County Clerk’s Office within 20 days from the date of the letter’s arrival or else her vehicle’s registration would be canceled.

The letter did not fully detail why her personalized license plate did not meet the state’s established requirements.

Dr. Burton was surprised by the contents of the letter and even wondered if it was just a prank. She even told Newsweek that she was “blown out the window” by the whole thing.

Now, the state has changed its tune.

In a statement given to Newsweek, the state’s Department of Vehicle Regulations admitted to making a mistake when it came to interpreting the statute for personalized license plates.

A statement from the department says that the misinterpretation “resulted in an incorrect preliminary determination to reject her request.”

Instead of potentially canceling her vehicle’s registration, the state is now working with Dr. Burton to reissue the “PRAY4” plate.

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Source: Christian Post