Isaiah Thomas Thanks God After Signing $2 Million Deal with Denver Nuggets

Isaiah Thomas has signed a new deal with the Denver Nuggets, and he wasted no time offering his thanks to God after the move was completed.

Thomas took to Twitter not long after the deal was signed, saying “God is good” and tagging his tweet with “#Blessed” and “ThatSLOWgrind.”

Thomas’ new contract with the Nuggets will pay him $2 million over the course of one season with the team.

Still, the deal he just signed falls well short of the type of contract he expected to be offered back in 2016.

Fresh off a star-making 2015-16 campaign for the Boston Celtics, Thomas famously said that the Celtics “better bring out the Brinks truck” in reference to how much money he feels he should receive in a new deal, NBC Sports reported.

Unfortunately for Thomas, while he did continue to play at a high level for the Celtics in the subsequent 2016-17 season – this includes an inspiring playoff run during which he opted to continue playing while mourning the death of his sister Chyna – injuries have since limited his effectiveness and even kept him off the court altogether.

The chances of Thomas being offered that lucrative contract he sought all but evaporated after he visibly struggled over the course of playing 32 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers last season.

Thomas is not letting the setbacks get him down too much, however, as he also tweeted, “You can’t stop God’s plan.”

For the 29-year-old, the plan for next season will involve trying to fit in with a new team and accepting a role off the bench.

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Source: Christian Post