Here We Go: Transgender Referrals For Kids As Young As 6 Hit Record High In Scotland

The number of children, some as young as six, being referred under the guidance promoting transsexualism at schools after they express confusion over their “gender identity” has reached a record high in Scotland, according to a report.

As many as 222 children were referred to specialist services last year, a 21 percent increase since the previous year, according to The Christian Institute, which said a report by the Scottish Public Health Network reveals that children as young as six had been referred.

The average age of those being referred has also fallen from 15 years in 2014 to under 14 in 2017, the Institute found.

The guidance, whose front cover bears the logo of the Scottish Government, recommends that schools support children “to explore and express their identity regardless of their age,” and abstain from informing parents if their children are sharing overnight accommodation with transgender pupils.

The government recently claimed it hasn’t “formally endorsed” the guidance. LGBT Youth Scotland, which is behind the document, also claimed “the inclusion of their logo in the list of organisations endorsing the guidance was an error.”

“The Scottish Government are either being disingenuous or are seriously confused. Either way, they’ve got themselves in a mess,” Ciarán Kelly, a Deputy Director at the Institute, said. “This shocking guidance clearly states in black and white that it is endorsed by the Scottish Government. When it was launched in November last year, it was widely reported by the media the Scottish Government endorsed it.”

The Institute further said that while the country’s publicly funded healthcare system has admitted that the vast majority of children who express confusion over their gender grow out of it as they get older, the government wants to lower the minimum age to obtain a “sex change” certificate from 18 to 16.

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Source: Christian Post