First Service Member To Be Reinstated After Being Discharged For Being Lesbian Attacks Pro-Transgender Activism

The first member of the U.S. armed forces to be reinstated after having been discharged for being a lesbian is slamming transgender bathroom laws and ideology, saying they represent “unspeakable oppression” of women and children.

In an essay published at The Federalist Wednesday, Miriam Ben-Shalom, a retired drill sergeant and longtime civil rights activist, said she has more than earned the right to speak her mind about the dangers of transgender activism.

“It’s time to loudly declare that the emperor has no clothes,” Ben-Shalom said of transgender ideology, adding that it disproportionately harms women and children.

Ben-Shalom — who was reinstated to the military in 1988 after being discharged for being a lesbian — said that while no one should experience discrimination and everyone, including trans-identified individuals, should be allowed to wear whatever clothing they choose and say whatever they want to say about themselves, she will not be forced to accept and promote the claims of transgender activists.

“I ought not to be expected to believe that by some magic and lots of surgeries and chemicals that a man can be a woman and a woman a man. I, and all women and children, should not have to put up with the shenanigans of those who insist that biology is ‘a social construct’ but gender ‘is innate in a person’ when the exact opposite is true,” Ben-Shalom added.

“Children should not be experimented upon by infusing them with puberty blockers to keep them from growing up. Children should not be operated upon and have body parts removed because they ‘feel’ they are something other than what they are, should not be subjected to a lifetime of ill health because of Big Pharma’s chemicals,” she continued.

Ben-Shalom expounded on her thoughts in an email to The Christian Post Friday.

“Whether or not people agree on trans ideology, the damage to coherence and logic being done because of it, the disarming loss of the power of words, the meanings of words so distorted as to have no meaning at all is becoming all too common, all too unchallenged, all too accepted without any questioning,” she observed.

“If people wonder if this is so, let me present this: suppose there was a society that said people of a ‘certain religion’ were worthless and that eliminating them would ensure that another group of people would remain ‘superior.'”

Ben-Shalom continued, drawing a historial analogy: “So the people of a religion are forbidden their culture, called vile names, accused of being the defilers of the superior segment of this society, have their books destroyed, their arts destroyed, and are killed because they are basically useless and not too many say anything about it because, after all, these people are just worth nothing at all except as workers, entities to be used for medical experimentation, objects to be used for what they can produce for others, the ‘superior’ ones, to use.”

She stressed that the victims of this particular supremacism are mostly female.

“Women are being told that ‘anyone can be a woman.’ This is never said about men, however. If that is so, then what does the word ‘woman’ mean? Not much if anyone can be one, eh? Women are told they may not use words about their bodies, they may not refer to female biological processes, have their writings and arts denigrated, suppressed, and destroyed. They are called vile names by many in the trans community. They are called gender traitors, defilers,” she said.

“All because words are being twisted and bent in ways unconscionable by people with the skill of a [Nazi propaganda minister] Goebbels. And the results are more than starting to resemble the treatment forced on that ‘mythical’ people of a certain religion by a superior segment of a society. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?”

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Source: Christian Post