Danielle Bell on Setting the Prayer Bar High for Kids

Kids are the church of today and if we give them a chance to actively participate in prayer we may just be blown away.

Last night our church hosted a night of dedicated prayer to take place in over 40-50 homes all over the city of Birmingham, Alabama.

While prayer is probably my weakest spiritual discipline, I was so looking forward to this night for several reasons. The first is that the night was all about prayer; not fellowship and food, which are two things Baptist churches have seemed to master. Secondly, these groups were a great mix of people from all ages and walks of life. Lastly, the kids weren’t dropped off at a nursery or childcare, they were invited to the night of prayer. It was quite a night. Let me just say, we had church!

We Set the Bar Too Low for Kids and Prayer

As a ministry leader, I learned that we are setting the bar too low for kids and prayer. Oh I get it and I understand the questions. Several people asked me for confirmation that kids were really invited. I immediately exclaimed, “Yes, we are having church like in Jesus’ day—gathering together to hear and seek him and not divide into age groups scattered all over buildings.”

Kids Praying for an Hour Straight! 

Then there were those who doubted kids would be able to focus on prayer for a whole hour. To be honest, I wondered that myself. (I don’t sit still well, and let’s just say I may have wiggled more than the kids at my designated home.) Then next was the question we all knew was coming (this time from a child, but we can imagine some adults were thinking it, too) “Do we have to pray out loud?”

After a solid hour of praising God for who He is, thanking Him for all He has done, silent confession and intercession for others, I was reminded that I would take a house of praying kids over an adult house any day. Here are just a couple of things I heard from the mouths of babes…

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Source: Church Leaders