Chuck Lawless: 10 Things I Would Do Less Often if I Were Pastoring Again

Yesterday, I posted about some things I would do more often if I were serving as a pastor again. Today, here are some things I would do less often:

10 Things I Would Do Less Often if I Were Pastoring Again

Counsel. I’m not a trained counselor, and there are options for Christian counselingtoday that weren’t readily available 35+ years ago. I would still counsel when necessary, but I’d much more quickly refer folks to trained counselors.

Worry. At least, I hope I would worry less. This many years later, I’ve learned that many of the things I worried about then (e.g., a disagreement with someone, decreased attendance for the week, etc.) work themselves out if we remain faithful.

Spend hours in a hospital room. I often spent entire days in the hospital when members were having surgery. I’d still visit the patient and family, but I wouldn’t always stay the day. Many families are comfortable with the pastor praying with the patient prior to surgery and then later checking on him or her.

Lead a small group long-term. In both churches I pastored, I taught a Sunday school class at different points of my ministry. Were I to do it again, I would teach only short-term classes to free me up for sermon preparation.

Expect perfection from others. To be honest, I was so focused on everything going well because my name was on it that I harmed some relationships. I didn’t realize the importance of helping believers grow in their own ministries and abilities.

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