Police Officers Under Fire for ‘Flipping Coin’ to Decide Whether They’ll Arrest Speeding Driver

Two Georgia police officers have come under scrutiny after video emerged of them deciding whether or not to arrest a speeding driver based on the flip of a digital coin.

Body cam footage of the April 7 incident shows Roswell Police Officer Courtney Brown berating 24-year-old hairdresser Sarah Webb, asking her, “So you think driving that fast on a wet road is a smart idea because you’re late for work?”

“I’m sorry,” Webb responds, voice quaking.

The footage then shows Brown returning to her patrol vehicle, where she and her partner discuss if they will arrest Webb.

The other officer identified as Kristee Wilson then opens up a coin-flipping app on the on-board computer.

“‘A’ (Arrest), head; ‘R’ (Release), tail,” Wilson says before both officers giggle.

The virtual coin lands tails, but the officers decided to arrest Webb, anyway. She cries as she is being handcuffed, and footage from inside the vehicle shows her sobbing in the back seat.

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Source: Christian Post