Obianuju Ekeocha Says The West Is Colonizing Africa With Abortion and Population Control

Africa is being recolonized today, though this time not with armies or arbitrary borders but through Western governments and humanitarian outfits imposing population control ideology, sexual liberation, and abortion, says Obianuju Ekeocha.

This new form of colonization is rooted in a master-slave mindset, Ekeocha stresses in her book, Target Africa: Ideological Neo-colonialism in the Twenty-First Century, which was released earlier this year and documents the nefarious funding streams and political schemes behind this injustice.

While Africa has undoubtedly struggled ever since the end of colonization with all kinds of socio-economic issues and political dysfunction, rich donors from the West have exploited those problems and have assumed the role of savior and deliverer, offering “solutions” contrary to the values of most African people, she explains in the book.

A vivacious international pro-life advocate, Ekeocha, who is Nigerian by birth and is now based in the U.K., began her investigation into this subject back in 2012 when Melinda Gates emerged with a proposal to raise $5 billion to fund contraception in Africa. Ekeocha was outraged and wrote Gates a letter explaining that she, as a Nigerian Catholic, neither needed nor wanted what she was bringing. What the Africans need is a good health care systems, food programs for young children, and better education opportunities, she says.

“If you have dollars, if you hold the purse-strings, unfortunately you are the more powerful one in this dynamics of this relationship,” Ekeocha said an interview with The Christian Post.

Much of the thinking stems from an alarmist belief that African demographics portend disaster given climate change and a less stable food supply. Some believe that the answer to those looming threats is fewer people and, therefore, drastic measures should be taken to reduce the population, a view rooted in Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 book The Population Bomb. Yet even though Ehrlich’s apocalyptic predictions never materialized, his work continues to underpin much of the approach being carried out in poor nations around the world.

And the solutions these Western entities provide “rely heavily on a single-minded strategy that entails removing or drastically reducing the source of the population growth in Africa — female fertility,” Ekeocha says in the chapter on population control.

“Thus, Western nations, organizations, and foundations wage war against the bodies of African women,” she continues.

While she always understood that Western nations were giving more money for condoms and contraception, she didn’t want to entertain conspiracy theories, and sifted through mounds of data and statistics in the United Nations’ archives where the money is closely tracked.

Ekeocha explains that a key year in all of this is 1994 when at a conference in Cairo, Egypt, Western governments were told that if they give money to African nations it can qualify as aid even if it’s for contraceptives. From 1993 to 2012 such aid increased by 1,930 percent.

“When I did all the math, tracked all the money and put it all in one place, the amount of money going into the world for population programs was about $600 million dollars per year to $12 billion per year,” Ekeocha told CP.

Anyone who makes that percentage of increase in money they are giving you within such a space of time means business, she said, and they have an agenda.

Ekeocha also unpacks how, through complicated schemes, even small organizations like the U.K.-based Population Matters markets a sense of self-righteousness to donors, allowing them to feel virtuous by buying environmental credit of sorts for the electricity and energy they consume. For every child born in Africa they ask their donors to give a certain amount of money based on their CO2 emissions.

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Source: Christian Post