Heartbreaking: Shanara Mobley, Mother of 19-Year-Old Daughter Stolen from her at Birth, Now Says She Wishes They Had Never Been Reunited

Kamiyah Mobley / Shanara Mobley
Kamiyah Mobley / Shanara Mobley

Last month, we reported that Kamiyah Mobley’s mother, Shanara Mobley said that she was not speaking to her daughter. In short, Mobley felt her daughter’s continued relationship with her kidnapper, Gloria Williams, prevented them from forming a mother-daughter bond.

Mobley said, “I shouldn’t have to compete with a kidnapper-she has to pick one of us.”

Now, in another interview with The Florida Times Union, on the precipice of Kamiyah’s 20th birthday, Shanara shared that she sometimes wishes Kamiyah had never come back into her life.

“I still lost. There’s no winning in this situation. I don’t have a relationship with my child, right now, speaking at this moment. I still lost her. What did I gain? Nothing. And honestly, I wish sometimes she would have never came back. That I do wish. Because it takes a toll—because I’m a mother first—and it takes a toll on my other children. My daughter is going to the tenth grade, when she has to argue with people to defend her mother, she’s on Facebook defending—my other babies they shouldn’t have to go out in that world and experience that stuff. That shouldn’t have to be their life. And this is what Gloria and Kamiyah brought upon my children.

And I truly really feel, deep in my heart, I just wish she never came back. I really do. This woman made a mockery of my life when she took my baby. And not only did you make a mockery when you brought my baby back, but you let her help you make a mockery of my life. And this judge allowed this lady to keep reaching out to my child everyday. So she’s still committing a crime and you had the right to stop that and you did not. So no, I don’t have no respect for that judge. I don’t.

And no I’m not celebrating Kamiyah’s 20th birthday. This is the second Mother’s Day I didn’t get a text, I didn’t get a call, I didn’t get a card, nothing. So no, I’m not celebrating her 20th birthday. But what I am waiting on is September the 25th when my baby turn 9. What I am waiting on is when my baby celebrates her sixteenth birthday. That’s what I am waiting on because them kids up there love me and nobody can’t take that from me.”

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SOURCE: Veronica Wells 
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