15yo Black Teen Who Was Assaulted by White Woman Dubbed ‘Pool Patrol Paula’ Who Made Him Leave South Carolina Pool Reveals He Is in Counseling to Deal With the Attack

A black teenager who was assaulted and racially-abused by a white woman at a South Carolina pool is speaking about the incident revealing that he is in counseling to help him process the attack.

Cellphone video shared on social media captured the moment Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, 38, smacked 15-year-old Darshaun RocQuemore Simmons and kicked him out of a pool in Summerville last month.

The teen told CBS News he was invited to the pool by a friend and as they were leaving Sebby-Strempel attacked him.

According to Darshaun, Sebby-Strempel demanded he and his friends leave so they did.

‘We said, “Yes, ma’am.” When I started walking out she just started hitting me. … It was shocking,’ he said.

‘She called me the N-word and she called me a punk’.

Darshaun said he recorded Sebby-Strempel because he was afraid people would believe her over him.

When the teen showed the video to his parents, they were furious. They believe Darshaun was targeted by Sebby-Strempel because he is black.

‘It hurts. I could never imagine putting my hands on somebody else’s child,’ his mother, Deanna RocQuemore, said.

Darshaun’s father, Bryan, told CBS that he was upset none of the other adults at the pool helped his son.

‘Of all of those adults there, there was nobody to step up and stop this lady,’ he said.

Sebby-Strempel, dubbed #PoolPatrolPaula, was charged with third-degree assault and two counts of assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest. According to Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Maj. Tony Phinney, Sebby-Strempel became aggressive when officers tried to serve an arrest warrant.

Phinney said the 38-year-old pushed a detective into a wall and bit another detective’s arm. Both suffered minor injuries.

Darshaun told CBS that he has entered counseling to help him process the assault.

‘I learned how to handle it again if I have to deal with it,’ the teen said, when asked how counseling was helping him cope. He said he also learned that he has a ‘lot of discipline and self-control’.

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Source: Daily Mail