There Is a Devil Loose: Cops Shoot Dead 16-year-old Armed and Suicidal Football Star After His Mother Called 911 on Him for Locking Her in a Garage

Police in Minnesota have shot dead a 16-year-old high school football star after he threatened his mother and locked her in the garage.

Archer Amorosi’s terrified mother called 911 at 10am on Friday morning to report that her son was suicidal and had been threatening her with knives and a baseball bat.

She told the dispatcher that her son had trapped her inside the garage, disabling the lock she she couldn’t get out. The mom also warned that her son wanted officers to shoot him.

When cops arrived at the home in the 6400 block of Oriole Avenue, in Chanhassen, Carver County, they found the teen holding a knife and what officers referred to as ‘some kind of handgun.’

They told the Star Tribune he ignored orders to drop the weapons and took turns aiming the gun at officers and the garage door.

Mental health crisis services were called to the scene and police say they tried to deescalate the situation with non-lethal force, using a Taser gun and pepper spray.

Suddenly two of the officers opened fire, hitting and killing the teen.

‘Shots fired, shots fired, Ambulance code 3, suspect is down’ an officer told dispatch.

Amorosi, a lacrosse and football player who was set to begin his junior year at Minnetonka High School, was declared dead at the scene.

Police say body cameras and dash camera video ‘may have recorded portions of the incident,’ and they will be reviewing footage.

The entire neighborhood was closed off and surrounded by police after the incident.

It is believed that Amorosi was suicidal and wanted the police to kill him.

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Source: Daily Mail