National Security Council Official Who Wanted To Accept More Refugees ‘Escorted’ Out of White House

A White House official who pushed to accept more refugees left her role and was “escorted” from her office Thursday, Reuters reports. Jennifer Arangio, senior director at the White House National Security Council for International Organizations and Alliances, left after “months of open disagreements” with the likes of senior policy adviser Stephen Miller over slashing the amount of refugees the U.S. accepts. It is unclear if her views on refugees caused her departure, sources told the news outlet. When the NSC was under the leadership of H.R. McMaster, Arangio reportedly received support. But after John Bolton replaced McMaster, the counsel “expressed skepticism about some U.S. refugee admissions.” The 2018 refugee cap will allow just 45,000 people into the country—the lowest number since 1980.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast