DC Council Considers Bill That Might Force Pro-Life Clinics to Hire Abortion Providers

Pro-Life activists have expressed concern that a proposed amendment to the District of Columbia’s Human Rights Act will force pro-life healthcare centers to hire abortion providers.

Last November, six members of the DC Council introduced a bill titled “The Abortion Provider Non-Discrimination Amendment Act.” The bill would make it unlawful for healthcare providers to dismiss or refuse to hire someone who performs abortions, adding abortion providers to the District’s list of protected classes.

First Amendment Partnership attorney Katie Glenn denounced the bill in an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner published Tuesday, saying that it “is not viewpoint neutral, and if challenged, will likely be held unconstitutional.”

“If it becomes D.C. law, it would force pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and healthcare providers to comply or face a mountain of discriminatory, mean-spirited lawsuits for not hiring someone who supports the practice of abortion,” wrote Glenn.

“Rather than forcing the faith-based healthcare providers to hire against their conscience or shut down, the D.C. Council should recognize the profound contribution these organizations make to our community.”

In testimony given to the DC Council in June, Americans United for Life Staff Counsel Rachel Busick warned that the bill lacks strong religious freedom protections, listing three examples.

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Source: Christian Post