Businessman’s Tract for Prison Evangelism Distributed Free to Inmates Across the Country

Without experience in writing nor a theological background, David Howell answered his call to evangelism through prison ministry.

Howell, a Texas businessman in the oil industry and member of Second Baptist Church in Houston, started his outreach by writing a graphic guidebook titled, “How to Be a Child of God,” to be distributed free in prisons across the country through his ministry Prison Evangelism.

“The book is designed as a self-proclaimer; it doesn’t need a priest or preacher or counselor to go through the steps with you,” Howell said. “I want them to be able to say that prayer and come to know Jesus Christ without the need for someone else.”

Howell, whose ministry has been featured in Religion News Service and on the 700 Club, originally planned to print a couple hundred copies of the short book until a friend he had asked to edit it suggested he print 100 copies for each prison in Texas.

When Howell became “overwhelmed with additional requests for more books from all those wardens and chaplains,” he knew he was moving in the right ministry.

“David Howell is to be commended for producing a tract that goes beyond what one usually expects,” said David Allen, dean of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s School of Preaching. “The Gospel is clearly presented, illustrated, and with an eye toward discipleship as well. I predict lots of people will take up and read it, and may they come to Christ as Savior and Lord!”

Over the past several years, How to Be a Child of God has been circulated in prisons across the United States and has undergone a few changes such as an added section on “How to Tell Your Story.”

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Source: Baptist Press