Some Who Try to Lead Healthy Lifestyles May Be Dealing With Eating Disorders

Millions of Americans have dealt with an eating disorder at some point in their lives, and it’s not always easy to identify who those people are.

There are times when even those who are striving to lead healthy lives can be affected by an eating disorder.

A recent article from the Duluth News Tribune details the story of Tara Haakonson, a St. Cloud, Minnesota, native who dealt with the eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa while she was at college.

Haakonson followed the guidelines of healthy living — exercising, eating fruits and vegetables while also avoiding processed and fast food.

She didn’t recognize it back then, but looking back on it now, Haakonson realizes that she developed the eating disorder as a response to the “culture shock” she was dealing with at school. In pursuit of retaking control of her life, she opted to focus more on working out excessively instead of socializing and she even completely avoided certain kinds of food.

She lost 25 pounds during her first year in college.

Haakonson remained in denial of her condition for a while, but a visit to the doctor together with her mother finally allowed her to realize what was wrong.

Things went well for a while before she relapsed back in 2014. That was followed by her committing to the treatment and getting better again.

Currently, Haakonson maintains a healthy weight and she has also learned how to better listen to her body to find out what she needs in terms of nutrition and exercise.

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Source: Christian Post