Pastor Rick Warren Shares How People Can Recover & Start Over After Sexual Sin

Temptations to commit some kind of sexual sin have become prevalent, but there are still ways for people to recover from such an act and start anew, said Pastor Rick Warren.

In a recent article on his website, Warren reminded readers that “God’s standards never change,” even when it comes to sexual sin.

Acts like engaging in premarital sex, cohabiting, having an affair outside of marriage and watching pornography “always has been” and “always will be” “unacceptable” to God, the Saddleback Church pastor stressed.

All is not lost if people are guilty of any of those sexual sins, however, and Warren has offered some advice regarding what people can do to “come clean” and “start over.”

The Southern California pastor said that the first thing people must do after committing a sexual sin is repent. The mindset that people had when they gave in to temptation has to be changed right away or else they cannot move forward.

After repenting, Warren urged people to receive the forgiveness the Lord will give to them.

“God is waiting to forgive, cleanse, and restore you. He’ll release you from the shame, regrets, hidden hurts, and pain that come from your sin so you don’t carry them into your next relationship. God wants to wipe the slate clean. The good news is, once he’s forgiven you, you can forgive yourself.”

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Source: Christian Post