Episcopal Bishops Vote Unanimously to Re-Admit Cuba Church as a Diocese

The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops have voted unanimously to re-admit the Cuba church as an official diocese of the mainline denomination, decades after officially cutting ties.

At the Episcopal Church’s 79th General Convention in Austin, Texas, the Bishops voted on Tuesday to support a resolution that reunified with the Episcopal Church of Cuba, returning them to the status of a diocese.

Through an interpreter, Cuba Bishop Griselda Delgado del Carpio expressed support for the House of Bishops’ vote, noting that many had “hoped we’d return to the church.”

“I feel the breath of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, everyone, for the support right now, but really for the support all these years,” said Bishop Delgado del Carpio, as quoted by Episcopal News Service.

Known as Resolution A238 and titled “Admit Episcopal Diocese of Cuba as a Diocese of The Episcopal Church,” the measure officially re-admits the Cuban church into the denomination.

This means that the Cuban church’s bishop can “be eligible to participate in the House of Bishops consistent with its rules of order” and its clergy can be “eligible to participate going forward in the International Clergy Pension Plan (ICPP) and its related plans.” The Caribbean church body will also receive additional funding.

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Source: Christian Post