Baptist Church Builds 20 Homes for Recovering Addicts in Opioid-Stricken Kentucky Community

A Southern Baptist church in one of the poorest communities in the United States plans to build 20 tiny homes to help accommodate the needs of recovering drug addicts in their quest toward sobriety.

Crossroads Community Baptist Church in McCreary County, Kentucky, and its pastor, Grant Hasty, are constructing a community of tiny homes that will assist a county that has been hit hard by the ongoing opioid epidemic in the U.S.

WBIR news reports that the project comes as 32 percent of McCreary’s population lives below the poverty line.

“When someone wants help and they don’t have a support system behind them on a regular basis to hold them accountable … that’s when they have issues of relapsing,” Hasty told the television news outlet.

The pastor explained that the church currently has about 13 acres of land on a horse farm, about half of which will be used for the development of the tiny homes. Along with helping the addicts stay clean, the program aims to incorporate a job training element to help them get back on their feet financially.

Program volunteer Vicki Kidd told WBIR that those struggling with addiction need a place to go where they can “start new.”

“There’s a hopelessness here,” she said, adding that the homes offer “a new beginning.”

She assured that the tiny homes will not be a “hand-out.”

“[I]t’s a hand-up and that’s what we need to start doing in McCreary County,” Kidd said.

The initiative has gained the attention of missionary programs across the country. WBIR reports that a missions group in Georgia plans to build two more tiny homes for recovering addicts. Additionally, church groups from Florida and Texas plan to travel in the coming weeks to help with the project.

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Source: Christian Post